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Smartwhip Cream Chargers

Shop our extensive range of Smartwhip Cream Chargers, with other popular options such as Mosa, GoldWhip and Cream Deluxe always in stock, Triple Eights are the number one choice when it comes to N2O, Co2 and other catering supplies.

What is a Smartwhip?

Smartwhip or Smart Whip is a cutting-edge Cream Charger that has revolutionized the way we experience culinary delights. It is a brand known for its innovative approach to whipped cream, offering users a convenient and efficient way to create exquisite creamy treats. These cream chargers, also referred to as N2O chargers or Smart Whip, are the key to achieving the perfect whipped cream consistency. Smartwhip's cream chargers are known for their high-quality construction and adherence to strict safety standards, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free culinary experience. 

How to Use A Smart Whip?

Smart Whip makes it easier to control the amount of pressure needed to dispense whipped cream by utilisitng the pressure regulator. Connect the pressure regulator to the Smartwhip Cream Charger & Dispenser and manage the pressure and portion size. 

Here's a simplified guide for you!

  1. Attach the pressure regulator to the smartwhip to prepare. Then, connect the adaptor to the whipped cream dispenser after detaching it from the pressure regulator hose.

  2. Fill the cream dispenser halfway with your recipe contents and close the lid.

  3. Ensure the flow switch is turned off before connecting the pressure regulator hose to the whipped cream dispenser. Once connected, you'll hear a click.

  4. Once the system is synced, switch the lever to the ON position to open the flow switch at the hose's end.

  5. Adjust the barometer to your preferred working pressure by turning the knob clockwise. As the gas enters the cream dispenser, you'll hear a faint hiss.

  6. Once the hissing sound stops, turn the flow switch in the OFF direction, ensuring it forms a 90-degree angle with the pressure regulator head.

  7. Squeeze the connector body and detach the cream dispenser by removing it from the pressure regulator hose.

  8. Shake the cream dispenser to evenly distribute the gas, then insert your preferred decorating tip and release the contents.

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