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x3 Smartwhip Silver N2O 640g Cream Charger Tank

Boasting 640 grams of pure food-grade nitrous oxide in each cylinder, these Smartwhip Cream Charger Tanks allow you to charge one siphon after the other in rapid succession. The ultimate tool for improving workflow efficiency, Smartwhip or Smart Whip is cost-efficient by design, easy to operate and affords greater control over each creation’s texture.


  • High-quality N2O
  • Improves workflow efficiency  
  • Handy & durable design


  • Big cream charger, bigger potential: With 615g grams of pure nitrous oxide available in one cylinder, you won’t be wasting any time recharging.
  • Efficient by design: Allowing you to charge numerous siphons with one cylinder, Smartwhip maximises productivity while simultaneously reducing excess gas wastage.
  • Safety first: Having been pressure tested at 165 bar, Smartwhip is safe to transport and can be used in the kitchen and behind the bar securely.
  • Strong & sturdy: The steel casing of the Smartwhip cylinder is extremely durable and stress-resistant, making it safe to use in a fast-paced environment.



  • Casing: 100% aluminium.
  • Filling: 100% food-grade nitrous oxide (E942).

x3 Smartwhip Silver N2O 640g Cream Charger Tank

  • Since this product category is extremely regulated, we deliver a very strict policy against misuse.

    • Anyone suspected of misusing our products will be refused sale and have their IP banned from the website. 
    • You MUST be over 18 to use this website and purchase our products.
    • Quantities over 6 N2O Cylinder Tanks are subject to TRADE ONLY and you will be required to complete our Wholesale Application for quantites over this amount.
    • Identification is required after purchase.
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