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360 x iSi Soda Chargers 8.4g

8G Co2 canisters are specially manufactured to work with all standard soda siphons (Also spelled Syphon) to make fizzy carbonated refreshments at your convenience such as; Soda water, Seltzer water, Hard Seltzer, Soda pop. You can also make quick carbonated fruit at home when used with a whipped cream dispenser! 


Also suitable for use with small sized beer dispensers/beer kegs such as the GrowlerWerks uKeg that use an 8g co2 cylinder to keep air out of the keg maintaining the beer fizziness! 

Boxes of 10pcs - You will receive 36 boxes of 10pcs. 

8g co2 cartridge dimensions

  • Overall length: 65 (±0.5) mm 
  • Body Diameter: 18 (+/-0.2) mm 
  • Neck Diameter: 8.7 (+/-0.1) mm 
  • Thickness of sealing cap: 0.25 mm

8g co2 cartridge pressure

  • Internal Volume (Approx.): 10.4 ml 
  • Net weight of CO2: 7.5 (± 0.35) g 
  • Tare wt. of charger (Approx.): 20 g
  • Gross wt. of charger (Approx.): 28.5 g 
  • Filling density: max. 0.75 kg/l max. 
  • Bursting pressure: > 50 MPa >7,250 psi
  • Test pressure: 23.5 MPa at 65°C

isi soda chargers recycling

8g Soda siphon cartridges are made from 100% recyclable steel therefore are widely recyclable. When you have used your soda siphon cartridge simply dispose of it in your blue recycling bin. 

360 x iSi Soda Chargers 8.4g

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