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The Best Coffee for Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee generates a delightful brew that is both well-rounded in flavor and enjoyable for the experience of drinking it. As cold brew lacks heat, the brew is significantly less acidic, and less acidity increases the risk of the coffee being "flat."

It's frequently seen as a calm and enjoyable option because of its gentler flavor profile, especially in hot weather or when seeking a less potent coffee taste.


Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo Coffee is famous for its smooth, minor acidity, smooth finish, nutty undertones, and rich medium to whole body. It is grown high in the Colombian Andes. The world's second-largest coffee producer is famous for regularly producing high-quality Colombian Supremo Coffee.

Ethiopia Natural

Ethiopia NaturalThe Ethiopia Natural coffee represents Ethiopia's rich coffee culture. This coffee bean variety comes from the lush highlands of Ethiopia and boasts an exquisite flavor profile. A distinguishing feature of this bean is its natural processing method, in which the coffee cherries are left to dry with their fruit still intact. A floral and fruity essence is imparted to the beans, resulting in a cup of coffee that is bursting with jasmine, blueberry, and a subtle cocoa flavor.

Brazilian Santos

Brazilian Santos beans are ideal if you want a low-acid choice. Their mildly sweet and creamy flavor profile provides an enjoyable and tasty cold brew.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans bring floral and fruity aromas to the table for an adventurous taste. Be prepared for their different taste qualities to surprise you.

Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling beans will always be there if you like solid and rough things. Your cold brew journey gains depth from its robust flavor, which has undertones of cocoa and spice.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Cold brew beans with Chocolate Hazelnut take pleasure to a whole new level. This bean variety takes chocolate's velvety richness and hazelnut's nutty allure to new levels of decadence. To ensure consistent and captivating taste profiles, our beans are sourced from regions where coffee cultivation thrives.


Selecting the right coffee beans is akin to finding the ideal partner for your cold brew adventure. There are a few critical aspects to consider

Bean Variety

Use Arabica beans for the best possible cold brew experience. Their mild flavors and lower acidity make cold brewing a superb fit for them.

Immersion Brewing

In the process of immersion brewing, ground coffee, and cold water are combined and allowed to steep for many hours. You may easily make a smooth coffee after straining.

Roast Level

Your best option here is a medium- to dark-roasted coffee. These roasts bring out deep, chocolaty, and nutty flavors that go well with cold brew's more extended brewing period.

Coarse Grind

As the name suggests, "coarse grind" refers to coffee ground into relatively large coffee bean particles. This means that the coffee may not be as bitter as it would be with higher grounds because the water may not take on as much flavor. For preparing coffee in a French press, this grind is ideal.

Freshness Matters

Give recently roasted beans the most importance. They will come through with exciting flavors and smells, giving your cold brew a tasty edge.


Compared with most other coffee brewing techniques, cold brew uses water that is at room temperature or lower. It is often created by settling water and freshly ground coffee for up to 24 hours (a process known as complete immersion brewing). The dirt goes away via washing.

The lower brewing temperature causes a longer extraction time. Extraction takes much longer at room temperature or lower than at higher temperatures. This is because, at lower temperatures, water atoms have less kinetic energy. Cold brew is steeped for anywhere between 8 and 24 hours to overcome this.

Cold brew often has more total dissolved solids than coffee or filter coffee because of the extended brew times. This might indicate that concentrated cold brew has a higher caffeine content than other coffee drinks. As a result, many users will mix it with milk or water.

Additionally, it's essential to understand that cold brew is distinct from iced coffee. The phrases can be used interchangeably in some coffee shops. However, the two products are made in different ways. Hot coffee is usually prepared, quickly cooled and then served over ice.


Making a perfectly refreshing drink starts with selecting the best coffee for cold brew. The ultimate flavor of your cold brew depends on the coffee beans, roast level, and brewing technique. Your cold brew travel is sure to be tasty, whether you choose the well-balanced attraction of Colombian Supremo or the intriguing fascination of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Remember the magic a French Press can provide while you explore the realm of cold brewing. It is your instrument for making exceptional cold-brew coffee that is not simply refreshing.

For a wide selection of flavored and regular coffee options for your cold brew visit Triple Eights, where you can explore an extensive range of blends and flavors to suit your coffee preferences.


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